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  1. dmiles@users.sourceforge.

    JC getting stuck on a single class? Did it hit a memory barier ?

    Is the Hotfix going to be in the next matenence pack?
  2. dmiles@users.sourceforge.

    JC getting stuck on a single class? Did it hit a memory barier ?

    That particular .class was machine translated LISP code so sometimes it nests some insane number of try/catch blocks to emulate local temporary Lisp symbol bindings. Some cases a simple try/finally wasn't clear enough. I created an Exception bubbler that was capable of throwing undeclared exceptions. The result is bad in the case where no exception is thrown .. all finally {} code ends up duplicated. The result is: try { T0...Tn } finally { F... } becomes try { T0..Tn } catch (Throwable e) { F... rethrow e; } F... /// ( n + F*2 ) ^ 2 Or some simular effect Now nest a few more of these nasties back inside of both T and F.. and > 256 exit paths comes too soon. I couldn't quite synthesize a subroutine (well a synthetic method) w/o bringing in all outer locals into the parameters of a new method (that you'd inline anyways ) A typical javac knows secretly the last thrown exeception created in T will stay available via env->GetLastException() as long as no one clears it. So it can move onto the F... that an outer block (which *maybe* contains a catch) will get the exception as a freebee when the inner handler misses it. However they still have to save any exits like a return/throw. (I chose to bubble the exception instead of the return) Oh yeah, the dependancy graph on this monstrosity! Heh, well at least your surviving on every class (except formula_template_utilities_part5) something SOOT and other optimizers can't seem to do! (Maybe they have plausable deniablity in eventually they are constrained by limits imposed by a downstream verifier or a JVM they have no control over). Which is something I like about JET. For a temporary workarround until the hotfix .. is accessing the method via reflectiion and hiding the formula_template_utilities_part5 class from JC.. Then putting it back into the runtime system's classpath afterwards (resource/) /// this stub calls thru reflection public static final SubLObject gather_fet_stats() { try { Class.forName("com.cyc.cycjava.cycl.formula_template_utilities_part5"). getMethod("gather_fet_stats_moved", new Class[0]).invoke(null, new Object[0]); } catch (Exception e) { Errors.error("gather_fet_stats_moved",e); } return NIL; }
  3. dmiles@users.sourceforge.

    64-bit Support

    ok I am subscribed
  4. dmiles@users.sourceforge.

    JC getting stuck on a single class? Did it hit a memory barier ?

    Thank you ZZTop, Just sent an email.
  5. PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 3249 root 25 0 1881m 1.8g 2228 R 100.0 24.4 35:59.35 jc JC getting stuck on a single class? 2734/3303: src/java/com/cyc/cycjava/cycl/cb_gke_applet.class 2735/3303: src/java/com/cyc/cycjava/cycl/kb_utilities$$clear_forbidden_kb_covering_collections_set$ZeroArityFunction.class 2736/3303: src/java/com/cyc/cycjava/cycl/string_utilities$$not_digit_char_p$UnaryFunction.class 2737/3303: src/java/com/cyc/cycjava/cycl/rkf_text_processors$$parse_module_group_native.class 2738/3303: src/java/com/cyc/cycjava/cycl/pph_methods$$nl_generation_cache_method$UnaryFunction.class 2739/3303 It's been stuck an hour on "Compiling src/java/com/cyc/cycjava/cycl/formula_template_utilities.class" [root@ip-10-251-23-175 javaCyc]# ls -l src/java/com/cyc/cycjava/cycl/formula_template_utilities.class -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 243506 May 2 07:05 src/java/com/cyc/cycjava/cycl/formula_template_utilities.class is the size of some classes too big?
  6. dmiles@users.sourceforge.

    64-bit Support

    My application requires a 4GB heap to start up. ( Strangly with GNU Classpath as my RT it requires 5 to 6GB heap) My application also is a document classification system (using deep semantic anyalysis on natural language) so I am stuck needing 64bit as well Please put me on the Beta (No, I mean Alpha testing list) for 64bit ! L)