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    Problem with JAI?

    Hi Guys! I've developed an application at a customer, which I deliver as a Fat Jar. (which is an executable jar which contains all the application files) For security reasons, because Java can be easily decompiled, at this customer it was decided that Java applications should be transformed to a Windows executable using Jet, which works fine. Until we discovered that a certain bug showed only in the Jet-packed () executable, not in the original application. (the executable jar) I think it's something to do with the use of the JAI package. I've read some stuff on this forum about that, but I'm not sure how to get rid of this malfunction. From the loggings I can see that the application freezes/starts to dead-cycle when I want to display a JAI-based Jpanel called DisplayJAI, which contains a JAI created image. Some code highlights: private RenderedOp image; private byte[] buffer; public JaiHandler(byte[] buffer) { try { this.buffer = buffer; image = JAI.create("stream", new ByteArraySeekableStream(buffer)); } catch (IOException e) { LogPanel.log(e); } } public JPanel getPanel(int width, int height) { float wf = new Float(width) / image.getWidth(); float hf = new Float(height) / image.getHeight(); if ((wf < 1.0f) || (hf < 1.0f)) { float scale = Math.min(wf, hf); ParameterBlock pb = new ParameterBlock(); pb.addSource(image); pb.add(scale); //x scale factor pb.add(scale); //y scale factor pb.add(0.0f); //x translate pb.add(0.0f); //y translate pb.add(new InterpolationNearest()); //interpolation method image = JAI.create("scale", pb); } return new DisplayJAI(image); } JAI wil create the image, but I'm not yet sure whether the creation of the DisplayJAI never returns, or the panel gets returned but the screen rendering fails. But I am sure the application get's to the return statement of getPanel. Again; in my original, un-Jetted application there is no problem, only in the Jet-packed version. What could I try? Do I have a dll problem, as some other topics covering JAI problems suggest? I've run the Jet Windows executable with the JAI dll's in the bin directory (which Jet creates, which as I saw also contains other Java specific dll's) or right next to the executable, but that's not helping. Any suggestions? Help would be highly appreciated!
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    Problem with JAI?

    No harm done, nothing wrong with holidays Has the weather been good? In the meantime, the application users have found some settings in the tools with which they save the problematic gif files (e.g. Photoshop) which make the problem disappear. So we found a workaround, if you will.
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    Problem with JAI?

    I've searched the JAI forums for answers, but none were found. The only thing I found is that the DLLs are only needed if I need to use platform specific acceleration, but I'm not using that, so this is not a problem in the direction of missing DLLs, as I thought might be the case. Is really nobody able to give me at least a clue about in which direction to search for a solution?
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    Problem with JAI?

  5. Piotr

    Problem with JAI?

    Ahhh... and of course: Java version: 1.6.0_03 Jet version: 6.0 (I'm told) I'm not sure what OS/machine the Jet 6.0 application is running on. Is that of significance? Created application runs on: OS: MS Windows XP professional version 2002 SP2 Machine: Dell Dimension DV051 Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80 GHz, 0,99 GB