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    Problem when using JVLC/JNA libraries

    Do you mean that after such an "injection" the problem no longer appears? Hmm i think it doesnt work. I modified the hole day the jna source and the video is now playing but the eventlistner should not work 2008-12-03 22:25:51,028 DEBUG MediaPlayerCallback.callback - Unsupported event error. Event id: 0 I give it up:( Im not the java native crack and i don?t know about this error. All what i do ist the hole day try and error: I debug with eclipse and print out all fields from the sctructure.class of jna. after that i added a static method and put all fields in an ArrayList. All works but the eventhandler makes me crazy:( you have a hint for me whats wrong? sorry about my english its horrible Edit: now all works fine:)
  2. Hi all, i have the same problem and i cant fix it :'( I use in my application the java library for the vlc player: http://trac.videolan.org/jvlc/ jvlc will use the vlclib.dll to manage and start the videoplayer. When i run it in Eclipse all work fine. On jet i got a crash with the field order error. I replaced the JNA Version in the binary jar package with the newest jna version but i got the same error:( please help me. how can i fix that problem. thank you and best regards markus kamenew edit: fixed myself i added a class to the jna jar. now i can set outside the jna package Structure.REQUIRES_FIELD_ORDER and i must not modify the jvlc classes:)
  3. M0vi3Fr3ak


    JFileChooser does not work with JET 6.4 and Windows XP. It works for Vista and Linux but not for XP. With 6.0 i habe no Problems with it. Sorry about my english. I hope you will fix the bug soon. I testet the bug with xp sp3. Greetings Markus