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  1. Windows, Oberon-2 Native Compiler 2.51 I can not call Windows function to perform result int64 := int32 * int32. Example code: <*+ MAIN *> <* O2EXTENSIONS+ *> MODULE t_mul_1; IMPORT W := Windows; VAR d: W.LARGE_INTEGER; a, b: LONGINT; PROCEDURE MUL(); BEGIN d.QuadPart := W.Int32x32To64 (a, ; END MUL; PROCEDURE Do*; BEGIN MUL(); END Do; BEGIN Do(); END t_mul_1. t_mul_1.Do; Error by linking: no errors, no warnings, lines 27, time 0.08, new symfile New "tmp.lnk" is generated using template "C:/XDS/BIN/xc.tem" external command fault 255: xlink @tmp.lnk 01 Excelsior Error (54): Name 'Int32x32To64' not found (referenced in file C:\xdsw\SRC\t_mul_1.ob2) 1 error, no warnings