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    Creating Linux executables on Windows

    Oh, well; it was worth a shot. I'll find another Linux box and do that; thanks for the quick answer.
  2. I couldn't find anything on this while browsing the forums, so any help on this would be appreciated. I'm making an application that I wish to be usable on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. I know that JET doesn't handle Mac executables, but I do want to create Windows and Linux executables with it. Unfortunately, my Linux box is nonfunctional at the moment thanks to some hardware issues, so I only have my Windows computer to work with. I didn't see anything in the demo that would let you create Linux executables with the Windows version. Is it possible to create binaries with the Windows version (i.e., JET doesn't depend on the OS you're using to create them), or do I need to run the Linux version on a Linux machine to create them? I can access another Linux box to do it, but it would be more convenient to create both types at the same time rather than switching machines. Thanks in advance for your assistance.