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  1. I am terribly sorry. I found the cause of my problem. I was using your software to replace some of my own developed home network management tools with an installer package built by Excelsior Installer. Because the new version was replacing some old batch utilities I included a batch file that deleted some of the old network batch files, and ran them using the 'post install' option of Excelsior. One thing this cleanup batch file did was, you guessed already, clear some specific files from the startup folder. Due to an error in this batch file, it cleared the entire startup folder, which had just been filled nicely by your installer package..... Ergo: I goofed up. Sorry for the time you have spent on trying to reproduce this. It took me half a night to find it... Thanks again for the effort and also: again a clear recommandation for your excellent software Lucien
  2. I use 1.7 version. All features work fine, also including icons. However, adding a task to the startup menu does not work. The shortcut task does not show up. I've tried adding one to the desktop which works fine. Maybe something to do with language? I am using Dutch version of Windows XP? Lucien