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  1. I've discovered that if two different .exe files are used to download their own set of files, they both appear to use the same uninstall file. If a user decides to uninstall one set of files, it will prevent the remaining set from being removed using the uninstall link. I've tried using different folders, but all files still remain associated with the main uninstall link. Is there a way to set up (or separate) the uninstall files so that they do not affect the other files that are downloaded using Excelsior?
  2. Using Excelsior Delivery 1.7 What process is used to show that the Publisher is verified?
  3. Using Excelsior Delivery 1.7 During download, the Welcome window will drop to the taskbar when the "Next" button is clicked. This will occur again when the "Next" button is clicked on the Select Destination Folder window. Occasionally it's possible to complete the download process without the disappearing window effect. Any ideas?