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    Files Associations

    Thanks a lot - will give this batch file a try soon.
  2. mo_geezer

    Files Associations

    Thanks for this info - it helps my problem somewhat. Now, if there is a way to create a Folder in My Documents, then Install certain files within this folder + include the links, then problem would be totally solved. Both Acrobat Reader & FoxIt opens the My Documents window, by default, to search for file that user desires to open. My clients are older and this would assist them greatly by having the folder, with necessary files, located there. Hope this makes sense and do appreciate your assistance. Your Excelsior Installer is really a pleasure to use compared to others out there.
  3. Is there anyway to change the installed PDF files created with Excelsior Installer to open with another program other than Acrobat or Acrobat Reader? I would like to be able to open the PDF files, that are part of our Installer Package, with FoxIt Reader, which would be included in the installation. I would need to be able to change the files association, for our files, within the installer package. Your Excelsior Installer is a joy to use.