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  1. lkofman

    Service on 2K

    I wrote Windows service on XP ,that writes files ,but on 2K hebrew characters i see as
  2. lkofman

    work without jar and add ini files

    Excelsior doesn't see files like *.ini ,he sees only .class,.java,.jar and .zip files
  3. lkofman

    define JDK

    I need to work with old JDK 1.2 ,how i can define which jdk i need to configure the excelsior,that excelsior will compile the classes with jdk that i need and not with 1.6
  4. i want to work without jar files only with .class . How i can add INI files ,that exelsior doesn't sees in classpath
  5. lkofman

    intellij 4.5

    I use idea intellij version 4.5 and want to install plug in of excelsior jet. Is it possible? I know it works from version 6 and up