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  1. Compilation and Packaging with Maven

    Hi there, I'm looking to integrate Excelsior JET with a project which uses Maven to manage its dependencies and builds. Is there currently a simple way to do this? I've tried previously to integrate Excelsior JET with Ant, and was unable to automate the entire process. Searching the forums I found one post relating to Maven (http://www.excelsior-usa.com/forum/index.php?topic=1705.0), although it did not contain a solution. Automating the entire build and packaging process is fairly important to me to remove possibility of user error. Any pointers toward doing this would be well received. Many thanks, Alex
  2. I have a JET-compiled application running on a Windows machine which I would like to provide plugins for at runtime. Ideally this would be done by placing a JAR in a specific location before starting the application, and then having it loaded to the classpath when the application starts. From what I've read in the manual re: MCM, I understand that this should be possible; if so, where should the JAR be located?
  3. Compilation and Packaging with Maven

    If anyone else is interested in Maven integration, take a look at my maven plugin http://github.com/alxndrsn/jetpackager-maven-plugin for JetPackII and Jet Compiler.
  4. Excelsior JET with Grails

    Has anyone tried compiling a http://www.grails.org/ app with Excelsior JET? If so, does it work?! Ideally I'd want to bundle Jetty and HSQLDB too.
  5. Excelsior JET with Grails

    Hi Kit, Sorry for my ignorance, but what's the difference between running on JET and being protected by it? Thanks, Alex
  6. Compilation and Packaging with Maven

    I'd also like to automate saving builds as updatable, and building the update packages. Is this feasible?
  7. Compilation and Packaging with Maven

    Hi Kit, Thanks for your advice. I am making a Windows desktop application. I intend to package files with it such as help files and JNI DLL files. My help files are packaged in a directory called help/ and my DLLs are placed in the root of the package. These files are liable to change as the project develops, and it is the inclusion of these files which I would like to automate, as much as anything else. Is this currently possible? Hopefully I will have a chance in the next few days to test compilation from the commandline. Thanks again, Alex
  8. Compilation and Packaging with Maven

    Hi Kit, The main issue I've had is that there doesn't seem to be a way to change certain options without using the GUI. Specifically: * the package contents * classpath * compilation options * icon * post-install actions * version * start menu location I'd also like to be able to generate upgrade installers as well. If this is all possible, please point me towards the documentation! Cheers, Alex
  9. Compilation and Packaging with Maven

    Hi, just wondering if anyone's had the time to look at this. Cheers, Alex
  10. Hi, My project has had numerous releases. Is there a way to build updates from many old releases to the current version? E.g. I am about to release version 2.0, so I would like to build the following updaters: 1.0 -> 2.0 1.5 -> 2.0 1.6 -> 2.0 In general I would like to do this from the commandline, so that I can run from e.g. ANT. Many thanks, Al
  11. How do I generate multiple updates to the same version?

    I have done both - there is Install_1.5 Install_1.6 and Update_1.5-1.6 Ideally I would like to be able to build an update from the following: * previous version's .jpu file * new version's .exe file * a directory containing other files to pack into the new version as well
  12. Hi, I currently build my project from the commandline using the following command: jc -quiet =p =a ".\MyProj.prj" I then pack it using the command: xpack MyProj.jpn -target c:\temp\InstallMyProj.exe This builds the installer fine, but is there any way of making updatable files, and update installers, from the commandline? Many thanks for any pointers in the right direction, A.
  13. How do I build installer updates from the commandline?

    Hi zztop, Am I right in thinking that this update generation is non-repeatable? If I run the same update command twice in a row, will it produce exactly the same update file? Cheers, Al
  14. How do I build installer updates from the commandline?

    Hi zztop, Thanks for the reply! I'll give that a try in the next couple of days, and let you know how it goes. Cheers, Al