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  1. cfbsoftware

    incompatible types

    If you look at the Help file you will see that ReadInt is defined as a procedure which returns a value via a VAR parameter not as a function result. There are two possible uses: PROCEDURE ReadInt (cid: IOChan.ChanId; VAR int: INTEGER); PROCEDURE ReadInt (VAR int: INTEGER); Thus you should write something like: ReadInt(Num);
  2. cfbsoftware

    XDS-C and Fedora 10

    I AM interested. I'm currently trying to get hold of a Modula-2 system to use on my Sage IV. I originally had Pecan Modula-2, formerly Volition Systems Modula-2, but that went to a computer museum with my original Sage II in the mid 90's. I had forgotten about Scenic's compiler - you wouldn't still happen to have it would you?
  3. cfbsoftware

    Calling Modula-2 from C under Linux

    In the samples.txt file in the XDS ReadMe folder it says: The following samples are available in XDS-C only: mixed - mulitlanguage (Modula-2 and C) samples
  4. cfbsoftware

    Syntax highlighting

    Nearly a week has passed and, apart from yourself, the silence has been deafening. I would need to be convinced that the number of people interested was significantly higher than 1 if the project is to get anywhere near the top of my 'list of things to do'. As there is such a varied range of M2 compilers currently in use (e.g. XDS, JPI, Logitech, Stony Brook, FST, M2MPC etc. just for MS-DOS) there would probably be more interest if it targeted as many as possible. If you want to lobby for supporters elsewhere (e.g. via a petition, newsgroups etc.) then go for it and let me know the results. Chris Burrows CFB Software http://www.cfbsoftware.com/modula2
  5. cfbsoftware

    Syntax highlighting

    I was working with the Gardens Point and Logitech M2 compilers when experimenting with M2Ide. However it was designed to be usable with any command-line compilers. I just tried it with XDS and it worked OK with the Hello.mod example so it looks promising. Chris
  6. cfbsoftware

    Syntax highlighting

    I initially used TextPad which supports Modula-2 syntax: http://www.textpad.com/add-ons/synh2m.html After a few months' use that was not enough as I also wanted more language-specific features: a) Automatic keyword capitalisation Procedure indexing / cross-referencing / code navigation c) Open files automatically from IMPORT lists etc. That initially led to the creation of CPIde (for Component Pascal) http://www.cfbsoftware.com/cpide and then Armaide (for ARM Oberon-07) http://www.cfbsoftware.com/armaide I have an experimental M2Ide (for, you guessed it - Modula-2). If there is sufficient interest I could finish it off and release it. Chris