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  1. The update of documentation to a new class-is-a-record based syntax for Objective Modula-2 has been completed. An HTML version of the grammar is also now available. Source code will be updated in the coming weeks. For more information please visit the website at: http://objective.modula2.net/ http://objective.modula2.net/grammar.shtml
  2. ANTLR (v3) grammars for both PIM and ISO Modula-2 are now available at http://modula2.net - PIM3 grammar: http://modula2.net/resources/m2pim3.g - PIM3 LL(1) grammar: http://modula2.net/resources/m2pim3_LL1.g - PIM4 grammar: http://modula2.net/resources/m2pim4.g - PIM4 LL(1) grammar: http://modula2.net/resources/m2pim4_LL1.g - ISO Modula-2 grammar: http://modula2.net/resources/m2iso.g (edit: 2009-07-10, added URLs for PIM4 grammars)
  3. FYI, the objective modula-2 project has a new domain and website http://objective.modula-2.net not related to xds, but since people here had asked about using modula-2 for cocoa/iphone development it would seem to be of interest.
  4. beekay

    M2 for iPhone?

    The Objective Modula-2 project is working on a compiler for Modula-2 with native Cocoa spport. This will also include Cocoa Touch, the iPhone variant of Cocoa. The compiler is still under development but making good progress, more info is at http://objective.modula2.net (edited: changed old URL at sunrisetel to new URL, July 6, 2009)