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  1. 64-bit Support

    If "next month" is October (in a post from September), does that mean you will publish information about progress on a 64-bit compiler this week? )
  2. 64-bit Support

    Can anyone from Excelsior provide an update status for a 64-bit compiler?
  3. 64-bit Support

    Can you provide us with any current information regarding schedule and/or roadmap?
  4. 64-bit Support

    Everyone understands that you don't have a contractual obligation to deliver what you said was planned on the schedule that you provided, but your most recent posts imply that you no longer have any specific plans whatsoever to deliver a 64-bit compiler. It appears that you say that you "want" to provide a 64-bit compiler but that you aren't investing any resources to get it done, that you don't have any specific plans to do so, but will think about it in the future. Is that the situation? It is just bad customer relations to say you're going to do something and then when you don't get it done be so vague about the new situation. At least communicate clearly. I have email from Excelsior JET from mid-2006 that stated: "Excelsior plans to enable JET for creating 64-bit code during next year." Another, from late-2006 stated: "We plan to release a version with support for 64-bit AMD platform as well as with support of Vista in the next year (3-4Q 2007)." Then, in this thread in early 2008: "This time I'll be more definitive. The work has been started and we plan to release 64-bit version for Windows and Linux in 2009. We have invested lots of resources in preparing this port so the new version will match the maturity and overall quality of the 32-bit version. First beta will appear in 2Q 2009." Virtually every new Windows machine is being sold with a 64-bit architecture and 64-bit OS. Even low-end machines are being sold with 4GB RAM. Yet, it appears Excelsior JET has no plans to provide a 64-bit compiler. Unfortunately, my advice to those who have not yet developed solutions that would rely on a 64-bit compiler from Excelsior JET to consider alternative approaches. Even those of us who are current customers will need to consider redeveloping with other approaches.
  5. 64-bit Support

    I don't see an answer to this question? The 64-bit compiler has been promised for years. Is there a current schedule for delivering it?
  6. 64 bit JET

    You mean they can run the 32-bit compiled code on a 64-bit system, but most users who are switching to 64-bit systems are doing so because they want and need to run 64-bit applications. Is there any word on the long promised 64-bit compiler? Probably, you use an outdated version of Excelsior JET. Java applications compiled with the latest Excelsior JET 6.5 work without problems on 64-bit Windows systems (we use them in testing on regular basis)
  7. Future 64-Bit Support?

    I don't see any response to this message. Is there any update on the long-promised 64-bit compiler?
  8. 64-bit Support

    Any update on a 64-bit compiler, even alpha or beta test?
  9. 64 bit JET

    Any update on a 64-bit compiler, even alpha or beta test?
  10. 64 bit JET

    > Memory intensive apps shouldn't benefit a lot That depends on how large the data is. If a memory intensive application operates on large data sets, then the benefit of a larger address space can be very great. If an application has to do its own swapping to/from disk in order to avoid using an address space larger than is supported in a 32-bit system, performance can be significantly reduced. A 64-bit system opens up a much larger address space for memory intensive applications.
  11. 64 bit JET

    As shown in "A Java Compiler Performance Study", by Jan-Jaap van Horssen (August 2008), http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetcs00007.html, 64-bit systems (64-bit hardware with 64-bit software) can provide significant performance improvements. In those results, it appears that the 64-bit system provided a performance boost of almost 70% over a 32-bit system and about 50% over a 32-bit system with software compiled with Excelsior Jet. Of course, the results will vary depending on the application, but for some compute-intensive or memory-intensive applications, 64-bit systems can provide significantly improved performance.