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  1. lemming

    Math calculations

    Thanks, I'll try next time How should I proceed? The example takes one argument from the command line which is the file name to write the test results to. (Note that the file will be overwritten if already exist) I run the test as executable and from Eclipse generating two different files and then did a text compare to check for differences. Thank for trying!
  2. lemming

    Math calculations

    Is anyone looking at this or should a send an email to the Excelsior Java Team? (Sorry to post this, but the private message system seems to be disabled)
  3. lemming

    Math calculations

    Thank you for the quick reply. My apologies for attaching the code with the dependencies, I added a new version. Some more info; - we ran the code on jre1.6.0_04 and again as test on jre1.6.0_10 - we build the executable with JET v.6.4 Professional, Active Java SE Version 1.6.0_10 XDS link v.2.11.16 The example takes one argument from the command line which is the file name to write the test results to. (Note the file will be overwritten if already exist!) After running it from Eclipse and Excelsior we did a text compare on the two results files. (I must say that the diffirences are very small) Thank you for your time, it is very much appreciated. Seb ExeVsJarValidation.java
  4. lemming

    Math calculations

    First of all I have to say that this might not be a Defect Report at all. However it felt to me that this is the most appropriate forum to post my question. When running an application on the Sun JVM performing multiple trigonometric calculations the results differ when running the same code compiled to an executable using JET. I wonder if this is the result from different JVM's. Maybe this is the result of optimizing the cos / sin methods of the Math lib? If so, can we switch this off? I do not claim one JVM is better then the other, I just would like to have the same results for both JVM's. I attached a Java class that I used to detect the differences, I ran the code once in Eclipse and then again using the compiled exectable. I performed both the runs on the same machine to be sure it is not a machine precision difference. Thank in advance! Greetings, Seb ExeVsJarValidation.java