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  1. Jinnuse

    mozSwing doens't work in Vista x64

    I am not sure what version of Excelsior JET is last. I use jet-640-pro-en-win32.exe and patch jet-640-mp2-pro-en-win32.exe.
  2. Jinnuse

    mozSwing doens't work in Vista x64

    I am not sure that i cleanly understand which more details you want. MozSwing is java swing component that allows embed firefox web render into java swing. I need application that i do has embedded browser. I compiled my application using Jet with profile 1.6.0_07. When i run compiled version in windows xp then browser component works fine. But in windows vista x64 MozSwing component is compiled by JET doesn't work. MozSwing component displays info: Platform: Win32 Java: 1.6.0_07, Excelsior, LLC org.mozilla.browser.MozillaException: org.mozilla.xpcom.XPCCOMException: Failed to register JavaXPCOM methods (0x80004005) So i think that JavaXPCOM is compiled by JET doens't work correctly in windows vista x64. https://developer.mozilla.org/en/JavaXPCOM Nevertheless when i run mozSwing component in Vista x64 using java Web start http://jnlp.concord.org/dev/mozswing/mozswing.jnlp then it works fine. So the problem is not .dll files of web render. Native sun's java run mozSwing correctly in windows vista x64.
  3. Jinnuse

    mozSwing doens't work in Vista x64

    Excuse me for my not fully specification of problem. I used profile 1.6.0_07 when compile mozSwing. Thank you for attention.
  4. Hi. I compiled mozSwing demo with Jet 6.4 You may download it here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mozswing In windows x86 it works fine. But when i launched it in Vista x64 then it didn't work correctly. I thought that native sun's java doesn't work also in vista x64. But it works fine! So i think that problem caused by JET. Thank you reading this.
  5. Jinnuse

    jvlc and jet

    The problem is jvlc doesn't load jawt.dll directly. jvlc.jar loads jvlc.dll and then jvlc.dll loads jawt.dll. I can't get source code of jvlc.dll to change the way it loads jawt.dll. When i use native java then jvlc.dll can find jawt.dll because installer of sun java adds path of jre/bin to system's variable path(i mean windows). Myabe there is some way to configure JetPackII so it will add rt/bin to system's variable path like sun's java? As i understand when jvlc.jar load jvlc.dll then jvlc.dll looking for jawt.dll using system's variable path or using search in current folder. Thank you for attention.
  6. Jinnuse

    jvlc and jet

    Hi. I uses Jet v6.4 Professional Edition. In my application i use jvlc library. This is bridge from java to vlc video player core. jvlc.jar loads jvlc.dll. But cause of problem is jvlc.dll loads jawt.dll. When i run my compiled by jet application it hung. I checked jvlc.dll by some application and noticed that it can't find jawt.dll. I tried to load jawt.dll from folder rt/bin inside my application but it threw exception: "already loaded by some other classloader". Then i copied jawt.dll, java.dll, awt.dll,jvm.dll from rt/bin to root folder of my app. I did it with JetPack II by adding jawt.dll,java.dll,awt.dll,jvm.dll to root folder of application. Now my installed application works correctly but i think that it is wrong way because it raised setup size and size folder of installed application. Can you help me?