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  1. Hi, I tried to use Jet to test if it can reduce SWT GUI related problems on Windows. The problems have something to do speed. However Jet supports SWT applications with application launchers. Is there any way that I can compile SWT programs that do not use application launchers? r.
  2. tegusi

    Can jet fix SWT gui bugs?

    "another compatible Java SE implementation" This is why I am interested. The use of old Windows APIs in SWT may make the problem. If jet uses own implementation with different newer Windows APIs, this might remove the problem?
  3. tegusi

    Can jet fix SWT gui bugs?

    SWT can be superb if we can fix gui screen bugs. If you drag or rub other windows in front of SWT frame windows, we tend to get unpatched screen rectangles. This is especially true when we have heavy components and/or slow CPUs. This problem may be related to the use of old APIs that is not well supported in XP or etc. Using Jet, can this problem be fixed?