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    Running XDS M2 on Win7 6bit

    I have recently tried to install 2.51 and 2.60 on a couple of different Win7 64bit boxes and run into trouble. I tried 2.51 first on one followed by 2.60 (and vice versa on the other). Same outcome both times. The compiler doesn't like source files on paths containing space characters " ". eg in "My Documents" This is easily worked around. (it truncates the source file path at the first blank space) Unfortunately then the link step fails with "Severe Error: file open error: "xc.tem" no such file. I have made the file xc.tem in \bin world r/w/m/e and tried running as full admin but no joy. It all works fine under XP, but it would be nice to have it run on Win7 64 bit. I haven't tried it on 32bit Win7. I also found a minor bug in the TS compatibility library for FIO but it can be worked around using XDS\FileSys (the FIO.ReadFirstEntry() call dies horribly if the wildcard pattern matches no files) Thanks for any enlightenment or suggestions how to get it working. Martin Brown
  2. MartinBrown

    Software Metrics Tool

    No one seems to have answered this so better late than never. I put together a McCabe CCI for M2 a long while ago. A copy is still on my website at: http://www.nezumi.demon.co.uk/modula/m2.htm The thresholds for complexity are set somewhat higher than the conventional wisdom. comp.lang.modula2 used to be reasonably active but these days is all too quiet. however the archives and its FAQ should still have a fair amount of useful info.