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  1. So far, I've had lots of success with the free installer, it's great. I'm experiencing two problems at the moment: 1. When my install package runs, in the start menu, the uninstall shortcut is being placed on top of my executable shortcut, which is unacceptable. Under Settings-Shortcut Properties->Program Folder, my main executable is listed first, and then my uninstall shortcut. Even if I flip the order, the uninstall shortcut shows up on top. Any ideas as to why this is happening? 2. When I save my project as an updateable, and create an update, I set the version to 1.1. When I run the update package, it correctly shows that it is installing version 1.1. However, when I go to uninstall, it shows that it is removing version 1.0. Is this the intended behavior? Thanks in advance for any help!