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  1. Hi- excellent answer. thanks for helping. mtdew3q
  2. Hi- Lots of Java stuff these day is happening at apache.org. http://www.excelsior-usa.com/protect-java-web-applications.html Above is a link where people are using excelsior with Apache 2.0 licensed products. I'd like to work with Eclipse SWT (EPL license) and Apache 2.0 stuff (compatible to EPL java products). Can this combination be done legally using excelsior jet technology? If so, Java on the windows desktop could be very cool. Please see below: "Unfortunately, no. Excelsior JET includes the Java SE API source code licensed from Sun Microsystems under SCSL Commercial Use license, which is not GPL-compatible. So even releasing our own code under the GPL won't help. LGPL is fine however. We suggest you to release the natively compiled binary under a different license, pointing out that the source code is available under the GPL. You would however need the consent of all contributors. " This link below talks about releasing JDO under two different licenses, SCSL and then Apache 2.0: http://www.techworld.com.au/article/1212/java_object_spec_set_open_source_apache_licensing?fp=2&fpid=1 It seems as SCSL and Apache 2.0 are two very different licenses. Thanks for any insight. mtdew3q