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  1. Hi I am trying to run the sample helloworld app on Ubuntu Linux 9.04 The first 6 steps work fine. When I run step 7 it saves the new .prj file then I get a pop up window with the following message: Cannot perform the requested operation due to java.io. IOException: File is read-only I suspect is due to my id not being root but what authorities do I need to set and how (step by step commands would be appreciated)? Thanks in advance
  2. rpevans99

    Can't run Jetsetup

    That worked - many thanks
  3. rpevans99

    Can't run Jetsetup

    Having trouble as a newbie to Linux and Jet. I've installed Jet. When I try to run jetsetup =show-profiles I get the following: Severe: JET Setup has failed to open configuration file "/usr/jet6.5-eval/bin/jet.config" for writing. Then tried sudo jetsetup -show--profile got this: sudo: jetsetup: command not found Running Ubuntu 9.04 Bash shell. Probably something basic - be patient with me