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    XDS and Modula-3?

    Recently I've started using the Critical Mass Modula-3 system. Even though the system is a bit dated; the Modula-3 language just works very well with my primary domain, and produces very efficient machine code. Has anyone tried using XDS Modula-2 libraries with code developed with the Critical Mass system? Or vice versa? I plan on contributing to the CM3 system, and it would be a nice feature add if I could get libs written in Modula-2 and Modula-3 to work together. Is such a thing possible? Fortunately the CM3 system is being updated(up to RC4) and it seems that the XDS and CM3 systems would work well together in my development toolbox, once the former has modernized itself a bit. I've just installed XDS, which also seems like a very nice system. My primary experience is with C++ and Ada, so I guess anything from the Wirth family would seem like a nice change. My primary work domain is in the area of OpenGL programming. If that makes any difference. Any helpful info would be appreciated. Diogenes