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  1. I don't know. I just tried running the program right now on my workstation and my $LD_LIBRARY_PATH is blank and it found the library files. Also these native libs of rxtx are not in a system wide location so they're not in any of the other env vars that you would normally find on the system (ie., like the ones containing java bins)
  2. Thanks for that article. I read it and I see that it wasn't something so obviously easy from the start. I have a question regarding this. How come during the trail run everything ran ok? And aside from that when I deployed the program on my workstation it still worked fine. You think the JETVMPROP was already set during the packaging phase?
  3. I had this hunch that though it was compiled to native.. I still needed to somehow pass that -Djava.library.path argument to the Java run time. I then realized there was a run script that Jet builds for me where it adds a JETVMPROP env variable and exports it. This variable has the -Djava.library.path in it along with other things. Sadly it was commented out, so I uncommented it and run it. My program now runs on the target machine. Why this only happens on the target machine and not on the developer machine... I couldn't be bothered to figure that one out. I thought Jet adds these JVM arguments into the executable?
  4. Hi, first off I wanna say how great ExcelsiorJET Pack II is. Made installation very easy and fast. My problems is that I have a java program that loads a native library (rxtx serial on linux) using System.load. I do send the system library path as an argument when starting the VM. Now, excelsior Jet detected this and set everything up for me when I compiled the program to native. I did a test run, works perfectly. I run JetPack II... I put all the settings, I include what i need to include. I do a trail run and it works! Good right? well then I continue with the packaging. I create an installer. OK, so as an added test I install the program using the installer on my workstation. Works. Now, when I run the installer on another machine (jet is not installed on this machine), everything works except it tells me it can't find the rxtxSerial library in the java.library.path. What I can't figure out is why does the same installation work on my workstation but not on another PC? And by "work" I mean it finds and loads the rxtxSerial library. I know if finds it in both cases because if I remove the rxtxSerial.so file I get an error saying it can't find it. But when I have it it says that it's not in the java.library.path. Do I need to send the library path as an argument to the native executable?? And if so how come it works on my workstation and not anywhere else please help.
  5. Hi there, Using JET v7 evaluation. I have my program which consists of 3 jar files. I want excelsior jet to compile and pack those 3 jar files into an executable but leave the rest of the 30 or so libs alone. I noticed that it compiles or packages everything else all into one huge executable. It works but I kinda want the other libs to be regular jar files outside, so i can replace them with newer versions without having to recompile. Is there some interesting trick to do this? Thanks in advance.