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    Graphics issues in Jet 7

    Hello, this is my first post as I bought recently Excelsior Jet 7.0 Pro Bundle for Windows and Linux. I read this message and I would to join it in order to contribute in some way. I compiled my first program that makes use of JSlider Swing class. Under WindowsXP there are no problems with the Jet compiled application and the behaviour is identical than under Sun JRE6. Under Windows7Pro I experienced some graphical issues on the same panels, because the JSlider appears "doubled" (one "mirror" slider appears under the true one, but it doesn't move) and there are some parts of the panel that starts with some drawing issues like "cropping" the operating system desktop laying under the application window. I will send to the support staff some snapshot in the next couple of hours. My best regards, pangasio EDIT: (23 jan) I investigated the thing more deeply and the issue seems related to the O.S. (Windows7Pro). I read also on the net there are some swing/win7 issues reported; I compared the behaviour with the same data set under XP and W7 and SunJRE/Jet7 and the image cropping appears only under W7. The effect is present also under SunJRE on W7 but in a some different manner. I will check the painting of the panels more deeply to see if I am able to find a workaround for this; it is very useful have Jet compiled programs at hand because they start quick from the beginning and the behaviour is constant, this is important especially in this huge program where are loaded and managed many hundred of images in memory. My best regards, pangasio