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  1. Currently we do not support arbitrary Eclipse Equinox applications (based on Equinox OSGi runtime). However, as far as we know, it is possible to convert an Equinox application into Eclipse RCP (note that using Eclipse RCP framework does not imply that the application must have SWT GUI).

    Do you have any links/further material explaining this; my Google-fu seems to be too weak to find any.

    But I have just found that we did not forbid to use it with Eclipse RCP actually (but did not test this possibility either). I have just compiled an RCP app specifying "servicemain" and "servicename" equations and it has effectively turned into a Windows Service. I cannot promise that it will work flawlessly but you may try:

    1. Convert your application into Eclipse RCP

    2. Wrap  Eclipse RCP launcher class into WinService

    3. Compile your application as Eclipse RCP specifying "servicemain" and "servicename" equations

    The custom startup class should be part of the RCP project, wight?

    Wrt "servicemain" and "servicename" then I should manually add these two options to the .prj file?

    "servicemain" should be assigned the FQCN of the class extending WinService?

    Please share your results, if you try :)

    Will do :)

    - sba

  2. Hi.

    I'm would like to compile a number of OSGi bundles (providing among other things: a web site and some web services) into a single Windows service.

    Does JET support this?

    If it does, I assume the way to go about it is to implement a class that extends WinService and wraps the EclipseStarter class. But how do I get JET to protect both the starter class and the bundles (or at least the bundles I have written)?

    - Sba