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  1. Hi. I'm would like to compile a number of OSGi bundles (providing among other things: a web site and some web services) into a single Windows service. Does JET support this? If it does, I assume the way to go about it is to implement a class that extends WinService and wraps the EclipseStarter class. But how do I get JET to protect both the starter class and the bundles (or at least the bundles I have written)? - Sba
  2. sba

    OSGi bundles and Windows service

    Do you have any links/further material explaining this; my Google-fu seems to be too weak to find any. The custom startup class should be part of the RCP project, wight? Wrt "servicemain" and "servicename" then I should manually add these two options to the .prj file? "servicemain" should be assigned the FQCN of the class extending WinService? Will do - sba