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  1. misterweiss

    JetPack - Replace only if newer

    Ah, okay. Thanks for the reply. Wondering if there's a way to do it by existing or not existing. Set set different files to behave differently based on if there's already a file there. Ie, always replace, don't replace if exists... something along those lines. Just hoping there's a way to hack one of the project files.
  2. misterweiss

    JetPack - Replace only if newer

    Hi, I have a Java product that has already released using Install4J as an installer. Now I want to use JetPack to distribute the Windows version that I'm building with Jet Professional. I need to have the installer work both for new users and to upgrade previously installed copies of the program that were installed with Install4J. With Install4J you can tell it to only replace a file if the file in the installer is newer. If it's older, it means the user is updating that file with data and it shouldn't be replaced. Is it possible to somehow tell JetPack not to replace a file if it's newer than the one in the installer? I hope this made sense. Thanks for any info.