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  1. keith

    SOLVED: NoClassDefFound

    After making some changes to the code, none of which had to do with ardor3d, a recompile solved the problem. So (rhetorical question) what happened?
  2. keith

    SOLVED: NoClassDefFound

    My application is crashing and taking all the diagnostics with it. So I decided to do a test run in the Control Panel. When I did, I got the following error. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.ardor3d.util.resource.URLResourceSource at com.ardor3d.renderer.state.TextureState.<clinit>(Unknown Source) at com.excelsior.jet.runtime.classload.ClassInitialization.__aj__initClass__Lcom_excelsior_jet_runtime_typedesc_ClassOrInterfTypeDesc_2(Unknown Source) at com.ardor3d.renderer.state.RenderState.createState(Unknown Source) at com.ardor3d.renderer.RenderContext.setupRecords(Unknown Source) at com.ardor3d.renderer.RenderContext.<init>(Unknown Source) at com.ardor3d.framework.lwjgl.LwjglCanvasRenderer.init(Unknown Source) at com.ardor3d.framework.lwjgl.LwjglCanvas.init(Unknown Source) at com.ardor3d.framework.FrameHandler.init(Unknown Source) at com.performanceplanningsystem.ThreeD.ardor3d.PPSBase.run(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) com.ardor3d.util.resource.URLResourceSource is in my source code compiled into a jar. app.jar is where all my source code is compiled jar tvf app.jar returns 3128 Wed Jan 16 15:18:54 CST 2013 com/ardor3d/util/resource/SimpleResourceLocator.class 5464 Wed Jan 16 15:18:54 CST 2013 com/ardor3d/util/resource/URLResourceSource.class So, any suggestions about why I'm getting a NoClassDefFound or how to get better diagnostics?
  3. keith

    memory usage

    Windows XP, SP2, 0.99 GB RAM. When compiled using Excelsior Jet, adaptive memory, 5% gc ratio, the program seems to use a lot of memory vs the Eclipse development environment (-Xmx512m -Xms64m). Both runs were done on the same machine, within minutes of each other. Eclipse was not running during the Excelsior Jet run and vice-versa. Is there anything I can do to reduce the amount of memory my program is using when compiled under Excelsior Jet? I have observed similar results with the gc ratio set to 1.1% but the diagnostics come from a compile with gc ratio at 5%. As a test I load two files into memory, merge1, then merge2. In other words, merge1 is still in memory when I load merge2. Eclipse development environment After loading merge1: com.performanceplanningsystem.site.Site.postReadExternal(Site.java:3534) Memory total 66650112 - free 17819056 = used 48,831,056. After loading merge2: com.performanceplanningsystem.site.Site.postReadExternal(Site.java:3534) Memory total 90742784 - free 30318912 = used 60,423,872. Excelsior Jet After loading merge1: com.performanceplanningsystem.site.Site.postReadExternal(Site.java:3534) Memory total 240119808 - free 168047600 = used 72,072,208. After loading merge2: com.performanceplanningsystem.site.Site.postReadExternal(Site.java:3534) Memory total 406458368 - free 131661912 = used 274,796,456. Watching the performance monitor under Windows performance monitor (CTRL+ALT+DEL, performance tab) shows similar proportions of Page File Usage while loading merge1, then merge2 for each run environment. The code I am using to get this information is: [pre] Throwable t = new Throwable(); StackTraceElement[] ste = t.getStackTrace(); Runtime s_runtime = Runtime.getRuntime (); long totalMemory = s_runtime.totalMemory (), freeMemory = s_runtime.freeMemory (), usedMemory = totalMemory - freeMemory; String message = ste[1] + " Memory total " + totalMemory + " - free " + freeMemory + " = used " + Setup.addCommas(Long.toString(usedMemory) + ".0", null, 0); //$NON-NLS-1$//$NON-NLS-2$//$NON-NLS-3$//$NON-NLS-4$ logger.fine(message);[/pre]