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  1. Solved. This typically happens with recursive algorithms that are not properly terminated. Some times I wonder how %$## could I be.....
  2. Hi, This is my first time with Modula. I've to do a program for the college... Just installed xds-x86-251-enduser-win32 as it come out of the box. I tried this with XP also in a different computer with Vista. Both Pentium dual core, 2 GB RAM. The program has to do a recursive call to a function: *** PRACTICA.mod **** (* Implementacion de la funcion sink *) PROCEDURE sink(X:REAL;K:NATURAL):REAL; BEGIN RETURN sink(X,K-1); END sink; The compilation works fine but when executing the EXE I always get: "#RTS: unhandled exception #5: whole overflow" and the program stop. The errinfo$$$ file has this info: C:\test\PRACTICA.exe #RTS: unhandled exception #5: whole overflow 00000010 00000000 C:\test\PRACTICA.exe 00000017 00000000 C:\test\PRACTICA.exe 00000420 00000000 C:\test\PRACTICA.exe Without the recursive call the module works fine. I did tried everithing I could figure out for two days ans still the same: * Changed windows STACKS in config.sys to a different values. The same * Included STACKLIMIT in the module. The same. * Reinstall XDS, 10 times... Some idea what could causing this? Best Regards, Jorge APROXIMA.DEF APROXIMA.MOD ENTSAL.DEF ENTSAL.MOD P2BIOS.DEF P2BIOS.MOD PRACTICA.MOD entrada.txt