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  1. Problem with C# example

    I am running Jet 6.4 professional edition and was looking for an example of how to call a java dll compiled using jet from C#. I found out that there is an example of how to do this in later versions of the compiler. Someone kindly uploaded a copy of this example so I was able to run through it. I have followed the steps in the example and upon running the final .exe file I get a badimageformat exception. Is it likely that this is being caused by an error in the example, an error I've made or does jet 6.4 not support C# interop? ** I have since then downloaded a trial of version 7.2 and am getting teh same error after following the instructions. ** Kind Regards Ash
  2. Problem with C# example

    Hi Alex, Thanks very much for the response. I will try this now. It sounds like this may be quite a common issue that people face. May I suggest that you include this information in the readme of the example? Thanks again, Kind Regards Ash
  3. Calling a compiled DLL from .NET C#

    Hi, I have been trying for a while to find some help with calling a compiled jet 6 dll from within a C# application. Has anyone had any success with this or can offer some advice on how to do it. Kind Regards Ash
  4. Calling a compiled DLL from .NET C#

    Has anyone else had problems running this example? Im not sure if Im doing something wrong or if its due to the fact that Im using an older version of Jet. Some help from a Jet employee would be nice. I have built both the DLL's and run the batch file to compile everything and create the .exe file. When I try to run the exe I get a BadImageFormat Exception. Any ideas? Kind Regards Ash
  5. Calling a compiled DLL from .NET C#

    Thanks very much for this deiruch. Exactly what I was hoping for Kind Regards Ash
  6. Calling a compiled DLL from .NET C#

    Hi, Thanks for the response. I am using jet 6.4 pro and dont seem to have a CSharp example. Is the demo available to download anywhere? Kind Regards Ash