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    Incremental compilation ...

    Thanks for your reply. It helps. It would also be good for excelsior to explain the "rationale" behind this. I suspect there is some good reason behind it. Regards /rk
  2. rktumuluri

    Incremental compilation ...

    excelsior-jet is performing a complete compilation/linking/build all the time. I could not figure out a way to force an "incremental compilation" i.e if foo.java has changed out of a few hundred java files, then only foo.java needs to be compiled and appropriate linking should happen. This behaviour is standard in most build systems that I am familiar with. (make, gmake, nmake based systems). Make captures dependencies and based on time-stamps etc figures out only the most minimal compilation/linking to be performed. I suspect this is built into excelsior-jet, it's just that it's not working for me. I read the manual, scoured the forums etc. I am missing something. Any help, pointers in this direction would be usefull. In my case I have several hundred java files and jar-files in my project. So, every build takes 2 hours or so. Cheers ... /rk