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  1. cypok

    Error after Update to mc high sierra

    To fix such problem we have to be able to reproduce it on our side or at least investigate jet_err_***.txt file. Could you contact us by email: java[at]excelsior-usa.com?
  2. Hi Dave, XDS requires existing output directory for object files. So ensure that your "obj" directory exists. These warnings are emitted because your variable "CurrentItem" is always equal to 1 and these conditions are evaluated to TRUE or FALSE at compile time.
  3. cypok

    Error with kotlin and tornadofx

    Thank you for the sample. We have reproduced the problem and can confirm that it is a bug in our verifier. We will fix it in the next Excelsior JET release (i.e. version 14). Could you please contact us by email (java (at) excelsior-usa.com)? We can make a hotfix for the current version or suggest a workaround. P.S. gradlew.bat is useless without gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.jar. It is a good idea to add the following lines to your gitignore: !gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.jar
  4. cypok

    org.modelmapper.PropertyMap issues

    It looks like a configuration issue if you code works fine after compilation and throws NPE while trial run in JetPackII. Maybe your application requires some configuration/property files or it depends on current directory. Does the problem reproduce after packaging ignoring results of trial run? Is it possible to add debug print in configure() method (i.e. print value of map(), map().getSomeProperty(), source)?
  5. cypok

    MacOS: -Xdock:name not working

    Hello, you should use JVM options -Dapple.awt.application.icon -Dapple.awt.application.name instead of -Xdock:icon -Xdock:name for customizing your AWT application using Excelsior JET. Please note that for better user experience on OS X you may pack your application as an application bundle: https://github.com/excelsior-oss/excelsior-jet-maven-plugin#creating-os-x-application-bundles-and-installers -- Excelsior Support
  6. Usually this kind of error appears if you change some configuration files of your Tomcat application after it has been compiled using Excelsior JET. Please make sure that it is not the case. Please note that the most recent versions of Tomcat are not supported by Excelsior JET 11.0. Try to use Tomcat 7.0.59 or earlier for your application and check if error persists. Alternatively, you can try out our Excelsior JET 11.3 beta for amd64 platforms at http://www.excelsiorjet.com/beta, which has full Tomcat 7 and 8 support. Please contact us at java@excelsior-usa.com if none of these helps. -- Excelsior Support
  7. cypok

    Using Excelsior JET on Linux with LDAP

    I want to add one more note about this issue: the same problems could be caused by absense of samba-winbind-modules.i686 library.
  8. Hello, Could you please contact us via email: <java@excelsior-usa.com>? Regards, Excelsior Support
  9. Hello, We need to clarify some details about your problem. It would be easier to continue our discussion if you duplicate your message to <java@excelsior-usa.com>. -- Excelsior Support
  10. cypok

    JET Runtime: System Exception

    Hello!This problem needs some investigation. So please contact us at java@excelsior-usa.com. -- Excelsior support team
  11. cypok

    Not able to start Excelsior-Jet

    You are welcome!
  12. cypok

    Not able to start Excelsior-Jet

    Hello, We have already encountered this problem. Please try to download the latest version of Excelsior JET for OS X and install it. Please let us know if it helps. -- Excelsior Support
  13. cypok


    Hello, JavaFX is not a part of Java Platform version 7 and Excelsior JET 9.0 doesn't support it. If you need more information please contact us by email: java@excelsior-usa.com -- Excelsior Support
  14. cypok

    Nullpointer exceptions in 64-bit versions

    Excelsior JET 9 contains few bug fixes so I undoubtedly recommend you to recompile your application with latest JET. Also note that we cannot investigate the problem until there is a way to reproduce it. -- Excelsior Support
  15. Hello, We haven't succeeded in reproducing your issue. Could you provide us with the application bytecode on which the problem can be reproduced? Note that we do not need the full application. If the problem can be reproduced on a scaled down version of the application, that would be sufficient. You may send your application to java@excelsior-usa.com. -- Excelsior Support
  16. cypok

    Can't compile Apache POI 3.9

    I've tried to compile the same application and also got this message about classes inconsistency. However you should understand that Java classes may contain links to unresolved classes and it's OK if these links are never resolved. Fortunately, the JET compiler is able to compile the application even if it comprises such classes. In your case you should treat this messages as warnings in third-party library, ignore them and continue compilation. I've successfully compiled your example and JET compiled executable runs flawlessly. For more information see JET User's Guide, Chapter "JET Control Panel", Section "Step 3: Selecting a compilation mode", Subsection "Class viewer", Paragraph "Classpath inconsistency", Subparagraph "Unresolved import". -- Excelsior Support
  17. cypok

    Recompile with JDK 50

    Hello. To fix this error it should be sufficient to recompile your application (all classes & jars) with JDK 6. -- Excelsior Support
  18. cypok

    Deployment issue on Linux

    Hello, Could you please try to run your application on Fedora 9 64-bit using 32-bit Oracle JDK? Does it run successfully? It looks like side-effects of some other problem.-- Exelsior Support
  19. Hello! Could you provide more information? Where exactly have you got null? -- Excelsior Support
  20. cypok

    Can't compile Apache POI 3.9

    Hello! I have just downloaded Apache POI 3.9 and successfully compiled poi-3.9-20121203.jar as DLL. Could you please specify how exactly you're trying to compile Apache POI 3.9? -- Excelsior Support
  21. cypok

    exe file signature

    Hi, In general case we could not provide you an information about the format of our executable files. If you really need this information please contact our support by email java[at]excelsior-usa.com and describe for what you need such an utility. Regards, Vladimir Parfinenko, Excelsior Support
  22. cypok

    exe file signature

    Hi, To determine which version of Excelsior JET application wants you can do the following in command line: 1) set JETVMPROP=-version 2) your_application.exe It will print information about Java version and about JET version. Is this what you wanted? Regards, Vladimir Parfinenko, Excelsior Support
  23. cypok

    XEND72020.dll detected as a virus

    Hello, Please send us your screenshot and XEND72020.dll via email to our support inbox ( java[at]excelsior-usa.com ). -- Vladimir
  24. cypok

    XEND72020.dll detected as a virus

    Hello, Earlier we have already received similar issues with XEND72020.dll and antivirus detections from our customers. We have checked this file in clean environment and confirmed that those detections were false positive. So we have contacted the vendors of the antivirus systems and they have fixed those false detections in future versions of their products. Now to be sure we have just installed Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus with up-to-date virus database and re-checked XEND72020.dll on it. The antivirus hasn't found any problems with it. So most probably the problem can be solved by updating the virus database. Also you can check the file with on-line virus checker, e.g. Virus Total. -- Vladimir
  25. cypok

    SuspendThread failed with error

    Hello, Thank you for the provided information. Please write to our support java@excelsior-usa.com for further investigation. Also please send us a sample so we could reproduce the problem on our side. -- Vladimir