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  1. Thank you for the sample. We have reproduced the problem and can confirm that it is a bug in our verifier.
    We will fix it in the next Excelsior JET release (i.e. version 14).

    Could you please contact us by email (java (at) excelsior-usa.com)? We can make a hotfix for the current version or suggest a workaround.

    P.S. gradlew.bat is useless without gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.jar. It is a good idea to add the following lines to your gitignore:


  2. It looks like a configuration issue if you code works fine after compilation and throws NPE while trial run in JetPackII. Maybe your application requires some configuration/property files or it depends on current directory.

    Does the problem reproduce after packaging ignoring results of trial run?

    Is it possible to add debug print in configure() method (i.e. print value of map(), map().getSomeProperty(), source)?

  3. Hello, you should use JVM options


    instead of


    for customizing your AWT application using Excelsior JET.


    Please note that for better user experience on OS X you may pack your application as an application bundle: https://github.com/excelsior-oss/excelsior-jet-maven-plugin#creating-os-x-application-bundles-and-installers


    Excelsior Support

  4. Usually this kind of error appears if you change some configuration files of your Tomcat application after it has been compiled using Excelsior JET. Please make sure that it is not the case.


    Please note that the most recent versions of Tomcat are not supported by Excelsior JET 11.0. Try to use Tomcat 7.0.59 or earlier for your application and check if error persists.

    Alternatively, you can try out our Excelsior JET 11.3 beta for amd64 platforms at http://www.excelsiorjet.com/beta, which has full Tomcat 7 and 8 support. 

    Please contact us at java@excelsior-usa.com if none of these helps.



    Excelsior Support

  5. Can you please comment on whether there is any reason to believe that updating to Jet 9 might solve these issues? ... The Jet 9 description on your web site only mentions improvements and support for Java 7, but no bug fixes.

    Excelsior JET 9 contains few bug fixes so I undoubtedly recommend you to recompile your application with latest JET.

    Also note that we cannot investigate the problem until there is a way to reproduce it.


    Excelsior Support

  6. Hello,

    We haven't succeeded in reproducing your issue. Could you provide us with the application bytecode on which the problem can be reproduced? Note that we do not need the full application. If the problem can be reproduced on a scaled down version of the application, that would be sufficient.

    You may send your application to java@excelsior-usa.com.


    Excelsior Support

  7. I've tried to compile the same application and also got this message about classes inconsistency.

    However you should understand that Java classes may contain links to unresolved classes and it's OK if these links are never resolved.

    Fortunately, the JET compiler is able to compile the application even if it comprises such classes.

    In your case you should treat this messages as warnings in third-party library, ignore them and continue compilation.

    I've successfully compiled your example and JET compiled executable runs flawlessly.

    For more information see JET User's Guide, Chapter "JET Control Panel", Section "Step 3: Selecting a compilation mode", Subsection "Class viewer", Paragraph "Classpath inconsistency", Subparagraph "Unresolved import".


    Excelsior Support

  8. Hello,

    Could you please try to run your application on Fedora 9 64-bit using 32-bit Oracle JDK? Does it run successfully?

    First off, why is Jet having an issue with the UIManager class? Secondly, why isn't Jet catching the exceptions and allowing my code to handle the error in the "catch" clause?

    It looks like side-effects of some other problem.


    Exelsior Support

  9. Hi,

    In general case we could not provide you an information about the format of our executable files.

    If you really need this information please contact our support by email java[at]excelsior-usa.com and describe for what you need such an utility.


    Vladimir Parfinenko,

    Excelsior Support

  10. How do you tell if an exe file is a Jet exefile and which version of Jet it wants? I presume there is something in the header.


    To determine which version of Excelsior JET application wants you can do the following in command line:

    1) set JETVMPROP=-version

    2) your_application.exe

    It will print information about Java version and about JET version. Is this what you wanted?


    Vladimir Parfinenko,

    Excelsior Support

  11. Hello,

    Earlier we have already received similar issues with XEND72020.dll and antivirus detections from our customers.

    We have checked this file in clean environment and confirmed that those detections were false positive.

    So we have contacted the vendors of the antivirus systems and they have fixed those false detections in future versions of their products.

    Now to be sure we have just installed Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus with up-to-date virus database and re-checked XEND72020.dll on it.

    The antivirus hasn't found any problems with it. So most probably the problem can be solved by updating the virus database.

    Also you can check the file with on-line virus checker, e.g. Virus Total.

    -- Vladimir

  12. Okay, I have upgraded to JET 7.6 but still getting the same error only with more preceding failures this time..

    The errors in the Windows event viewer are in this order:

    1. AJ-runtime trap: kind = 1, source = D:\JetCheck\buildsystem-distribs\distribs\jet_pro_en\build\aj-runtime\rt-normal\core\runtime\windows\java\com\excelsior\jet\runtime\os\OSThread.java, line = 166

    2. Unexpected OS failure: SuspendThread() failed (error code 5)


    Please, contact the vendor of the application.

    Extra information about error is saved in the "jet_err_2212.txt" file.


    Thank you for the provided information. Please write to our support java@excelsior-usa.com for further investigation.

    Also please send us a sample so we could reproduce the problem on our side.

    -- Vladimir