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  1. Hello Ravi,

    Should i compile my java app on 64 bit machine to run on same platform?

    Excelsior JET currently cannot produce 64-bit binaries so there is no difference on which system you compile your application, it should work on 64-bit systems in 32-bit mode.

    Could you provide following information:

    • what OSes are installed on the laptop and the 64-bit machine?
    • does the application work correctly on the laptop?
    • how do you deploy your application on the 64-bit machine? Are you using JetPackII?

    Best regards,

    Vladimir Parfinenko

    Excelsior Support

  2. I'm writing a windows application possible to run both command line and with GUI. Invoked without parameters, it uses a GUI, else it assumes command line usage.

    The problem is that if I choose "Hide console window", I do not get any stdio/stderr in the command window if invoked command line, and if I do not hide the console, it will be opened even i GUI mode.

    Can I get Jet to use stdio to the console if available, but never self open a new console window?

    Sorry but Excelsior JET does not support such a feature. Whether process has the attached console window is specified in properties of executable on MS Windows OS.