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    Console if and only if available (windows)

    Windows never ceases to amaze me, but not in a good way. Thank you for your reply. It was exactly what I needed to isolate the problem. Seems as Windows (CMD.EXE?) detaches GUI-enabled applications from the console stdio. In unix-speak something like: $ program 2>&1 1>/dev/null </dev/null & Fortunately, it still respects redirects, so a JET application with hidden console will still produce output on stdout using a small workaround: A:\DOS> JET-APPLICATION-WITH-HIDDEN-CONSOLE.EXE | MORE Ugly, but since in my case the command line usage is intended for scripted usage, it will do. Thank you.
  2. I'm writing a windows application possible to run both command line and with GUI. Invoked without parameters, it uses a GUI, else it assumes command line usage. The problem is that if I choose "Hide console window", I do not get any stdio/stderr in the command window if invoked command line, and if I do not hide the console, it will be opened even i GUI mode. Can I get Jet to use stdio to the console if available, but never self open a new console window?