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  1. Hello, Working on the same project as my previous post. After creating the latest update, tried to make the new .eiu and got the following error: "<path to setup folder>\ProjectName.eiu:MainRoot\<subpath to source file>\SourceFile.ext not found" (actual names changed) Tried everything from scratch again (that is, deleted .exe, .eit and .eiu files) and started from previous .eiu - same result. Not sure I understand the error message. Looks like it tries to create the .eiu, fails for some reason and when it tries to read it back (verification purposes?) finds nothing. Or maybe I'm completely lost! Thanks...
  2. Hi, I was just faced with a problem I hope there's a solution to. Here are the specifics: - The project: I'm working on an ongoing project, which is in its final stages but has been already deployed on a few computers. These need to be kept up with new updates, of course. - Method: Every two weeks or so a new updater is created (w/Delivery) based on the previous .eiu, along with a new Setup that contains everything; the idea here is to avoid a lengthy setup/update/update... process for new installs. - Problem: Updates applied to installs created with the original setup work flawlessly, but when applied to installs where a more recent setup was used they don't fly - error msg is "a previous update hasn't been applied" or something along those lines. - The question: I figure each update somehow marks the install with a version id or something, and that's why the above doesn't work. Is there a way around this? Can the install be somehow hacked to make the updater "think" it's valid? Thanks in advance! Note: using Delivery 2.2
  3. Hello all, Been using the free version for a while, before the latest update. Didn't notice the problem immediately, but the first time (after Excelsior's update) I built an .eiu-based update to my previous setup and ran it, I was a bit surprised not to get the installation folder automatically in the "Destination folder" dialog box. I hit the browse folder and navigated to it, but then I got the following message: "Can not install son-and-so to the specified directory because it does not contain so-and-so" (that's obviously not my app name, just avoiding noise). Thinking something might've been altered/deleted/somehow-messed-with in the original installation, I wiped it out from the disk, set it up again with the original setup program and tried again the update - same result. Suspecting the problem could then be on the updater, I built a "new original setup" with the latest Excelsior release using my app's old sources (trying to recreate the same situation as much as possible), wiped out my app again, reinstalled it with the "new original setup", ran the update and - voila! - it worked as expected. Thinking then that the .eiu was somehow corrupted, I recreated it using the "new original setup", built a new update based on it and tried the new update on another computer which also had the app installed with the true original setup - no joy! At this point I can only think there is an issue with the new Excelsior Delivery release. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Found a workaround? Thanks!