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  1. Hello! As all knows, In APPEARANCE tab we can choose language. But it has not saved when try save Project. I think it can be solved with a little effort. Thanks for read.
  2. Awesome! Of course i do, i'm very interested in this wonderful feature. Thanks!
  3. Excelsior Delivery 2.1 To solve issue I had use batch file at 'Step 3 Post-install actions' to remove unnessary registry. it had successfully remove extra registry after installation, but had to remove remain registry after uninstallation. that's why i think about 'Uninstaller appearance at Step 3'. if supported this i can handle uninstallation like installation. Of course 'Export to NISS' solve the issue, but but it had a problem. that shortcut icon images disappeared. Thanks for your reading again.
  4. Thanks for your answer. It's so good to me. especially, Export to NSIS were nicely solve my problems. but i didn't change message box and text. because Export to NSIS doesn't have any registry problems. In my cases, i have some curiosity about excelsior. i did make batch file to solve this problems. and added it as 'run always' in package. for example, it works, but this had a problems that uninstallation cannot remove registry at once. so, i tried to add callback dll in uninstall setting. it hadn't success yet. how about it? p.s If add a fuction that 'Uninstaller appearance' in step 3, it will be very usefull to the person who can't use C++. Thanks.
  5. Hello again, When i choose install without remove previous installation, two or more can be seen that the program is installed. and then uninstall one, other one still exists in the registry. I thinks it as inconvenience that can be serious. if installation packaged without create registry, even warning dialog doesn't appear. How can i remove previous registry? or prevent this problems? Thanks for reading.
  6. Hello, It's my first time using Excelsior, so maybe it can be minor. I can't create package at all. in step 4, create button generates pop-up a fatal error dialog. 'Cannot create temporary file for project' Windows 7 / Dell PC How can i solve this problem? Thanks!