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    Continuous Integration Support

    Thanks for reply my question. But I have to design automatic solution, it is not possible for me to perform test run manually when components release. And I have another question about "!batch *.jar ./lib". Does"!batch" directive not provide the options (pack, protect, optimize)? If not, what are the default values about these options when I use "!batch" directive? Thanks in advance.
  2. maedisae

    Continuous Integration Support

    Thanks for you suggestion! I will try these ways. But I have another question: Will *.startup and *.usg file be updated automatically when I updated the *.prj file?
  3. maedisae

    Continuous Integration Support

    I evaluted Excelsior JET last week. The result exe seems OK. But when I integrate the build to our CI process, I find that I can not update the class path entries automatically. Because our jars updated frequently, it is not possible to assign one person update prj or jpn files when the new version jars release. Does Excelsior JET has any continuous integration support? Thanks in advance.