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    XEND72020.dll detected as a virus

    Vladimir, After updating the Microsoft Security Essentials virus database, I attempted to reinstall my Excelsior-based software. In the attached screenshot you will see the following 1. Virus Database is up to date 2. MSE detects XEND72020.dll as a virus 3. Installer unable to write the dll file to the file system. Unfortunately when I attempted to upload a png file of 189kb, the following message appeared when I pressed the "Attach This File" button: Request Entity Too Large Please advise
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials is reporting that the file rt\jetrt\XEND72020.dll is a Backdoor:Win32/Ursap!rts virus as shown here: http://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/Threat/Encyclopedia/Entry.aspx?name=Backdoor%3aWin32%2fUrsap!rts&threatid=2147625170. I do not feel comfortable distributing software that trigger virus alerts. Please advise ASAP, Thanks.