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    Spring support?

    Hello again, Yes, you were right, the version of JAXB we were using had an issue. We upgraded to a newer version and the test run manages to run the application now. Thank for your help, Mike
  2. Mike

    Spring support?

    Hello, We only use Java 6 so I don't think we have any Java 7 class files. I managed to get the application to run by removing the instantiation of our Web Service beans. So spring works fine; the problem is instantiating our web service beans. I enabled the verbose diagnostic (see attached log file) and it seems that JET is having a problem with one of our web service methods. It compiles fine it seems, but when the application starts it throws a ClassFormatException. We are using java version "1.6.0_29" where as JET is using update 27. I don't know if that can be a problem. Best regards, Mike jet.txt
  3. Mike

    Spring support?

    Hello, Does anyone have experience with compiling projects that use Spring? I am evaluating JET and am getting a ClassFormatError when the a test run is performed and the application is starting up and instantiating the beans defined in the Spring application context. Thanks, Mike