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  1. Mike

    Spring support?

    Hello again, Yes, you were right, the version of JAXB we were using had an issue. We upgraded to a newer version and the test run manages to run the application now. Thank for your help, Mike
  2. Mike

    Spring support?

    Hello, Does anyone have experience with compiling projects that use Spring? I am evaluating JET and am getting a ClassFormatError when the a test run is performed and the application is starting up and instantiating the beans defined in the Spring application context. Thanks, Mike
  3. Mike

    Spring support?

    Hello, We only use Java 6 so I don't think we have any Java 7 class files. I managed to get the application to run by removing the instantiation of our Web Service beans. So spring works fine; the problem is instantiating our web service beans. I enabled the verbose diagnostic (see attached log file) and it seems that JET is having a problem with one of our web service methods. It compiles fine it seems, but when the application starts it throws a ClassFormatException. We are using java version "1.6.0_29" where as JET is using update 27. I don't know if that can be a problem. Best regards, Mike jet.txt