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    Memory Leaks in 7.6

    Hi, I have a product that when built using 7.6 gets massive memory blowouts, whereas if I build it in 7.2 or run it as a jar file there are no memory leaks. For example idling the software at the main lobby uses around 130M of memory in 7.2, where as in 7.6 it uses around 480M. Whilst navigating around my software I can see the memory usage going up, but then it gets cleaned up and comes back down again in 7.2 but in 7.6 it goes up and never comes back down despite performing the same tasks. I have tried different settings for the GC ratio with no change, and setting the maximum heap size to larger or adaptive just lets it run a little longer before the out of memory error. Is there a way to do something similar to a heap dump or memory profiling to see where the problem is in the code in order to determine if the problem is with my product, or at the very least create a test case that can reproduce the problem for you? I am using Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory(); to monitor the memory size Thanks, James