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    Windows 8 support?

    With Windows 8 coming out this fall, I'm curious whether applications generated by Excelsior Jet are likely to be compatible or if it will need to be updated for Windows 8. I'm not too concerned about whether Excelsior Jet will run on Windows 8 since we will likely continue to use Windows 7 for our development machines for a long time. But we're likely to have some customers that upgrade to Windows 8 as soon as it's released and I'm just wondering if that will be a problem for an Excelsior Jet generated application. If it will be a problem, when do you anticipate having support for Windows 8?
  2. We need a couple of languages that aren't currently supported in the installer (e.g. Dutch). Are the supported languages and localized strings stored in such a way that we can add additional languages to the installer, or are we limited to only the languages officially supported by Excelsior?