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    Just a stripped down JRE

    I downloaded a trial copy of Excelsior JET and I am impressed with the size reduction achieved. However, it does far more things than what I need. This is my scenario I ship a JRE(Sun) with my application for Windows Desktop. My application is a jar file. My setup MSI is around 30 MB - most of the size is because of the JRE. My jar file is less than 2MB. I am looking for this. 1) MSI size reduction (big time) 2) I don't want my jar touched at all. i.e. I don't want optimizations in my code. 3) I am looking for 2 things. Check dependencies in my jar. Give a stripped down smaller size JRE required to run my application. 4) I don't want an EXE created 5) I don't want packaging done - I will do that on my own. Is there a way I can do this with Excelsior?
  2. user129

    Just a stripped down JRE

    I am not particular about what JRE I ship as long as it's works well & is small. Does anyone know what compression Oracle uses for creating the JRE offline installer. Oracle's 6.12 offline JRE installer (jre-6u12-windows-i586-p.exe) around 15 MB in size. My app (essentially a jar file) packaged without the JRE using installshield gives a 4MB MSI. I installed 6.12 JRE on my machine & then copied the full JRE directory to my installshield directory & recreated my installer (making it install the JRE in my apps directory instead of "Program files" like the Oracle Installer does). My new MSI came out to be 30MB. Is installshield's compression so much worse than whatever Oracle uses?