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  1. Hello folks! I'd like to run a JET compiled application on a computer on which I'm (and the application is) not able to write to the hard disk or install anything. The only permission I've got is to store one file on the system and to execute this file. Since it would be a very long story to explain these conditions I'd appreciate if you just take these facts as given. =) So is there a way to kind of statically link the JET VM into the executable? Not in a way that is described in this video but in a way in which the application can be a single file which doesn't need to install anything and doesn't already require an installed Jet VM? thanks for your help, Kunibert
  2. Kunibert

    Run without Excelsior JET Runtime installation

    Thank you - this might already help me a lot! This is due to the fact that I realized that I'm also able to store a normal zip-archive on the computer. Once it got unzipped by an authorized program the specified main-file is being executed. So am I able to tell JET where to search for the required files (assuming i stored them in a sub directory of the zip file)?