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    Updatable Project

    Hey Kit, I tried your approach but i ran into another problem. When I compile our project into one executable way. I have to select 'pack as a whole' for a certain JAR. This results in a working application. When I compile our project into one executable and one DLL. I also select 'pack as a whole' for the same JAR. (this jar is part of the EXE project) But, judging from the error I get, this doesn't happen. Can you come up with a reason why both methods behave differently? Regards Johan
  2. JohanS

    Updatable Project

    Hey Kit, I was trying that. But, even if i include the DLL in JetPack II the applications doesn't seem to find the classes in the DLL. I'll read de documentation at the link you provided and try again. Thanks for the reply Johan
  3. JohanS

    Updatable Project

    I was afraid for that answer. Currently compilation of the complete EXE takes 45 minutes. We make use of alot of libraries that are static and almost never change. (iText, JGoodies, ...) There is actually one core JAR that changes, is there a way you could only let this JAR recompile.
  4. JohanS

    Updatable Project

    We are currently evaluating Excelsior Jet. but i came across a problem. I created a project using Excelsior Jet. I created a Self-Contained folder using JetPackII and, at the end of the ride, I clicked create "Save as Updatable". I updated one of the JAR files and replaced the original one. I ran JetPackII again and chose New Project -> Update package It noticed the updated JAR and I completed the wizard. This resulted in an new directory with only my new JAR inside. What am i supposed to do with this file? I copied it to my Excelsior program folder but he still uses the old version of my classes. Other than that, very impressed!