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  1. JairoEog

    Future java 7 support

    Hello, I was wondering if on a near future Excelsior will be supporting the version 7 of Java. It has lots of useful functions like try-with-resources & more. Is there any chance to implement it on Excelsior's product? Cheers!
  2. Hello, since my software is not using reflection in any line of the code, would it be possible to delete the class, methods and parameters name from the final JET executable? Could you add that option in a near future? Thank you in advance. Hopping a reply.
  3. Hello, is possible for an attacker to do a memory dump and get the java code of my program? I really want to protect my code against attackers, i purchasd JET to make my program secure, but i've still got these doubts. waiting for a reply. Thank you.
  4. JairoEog

    Can code compiled by JET be stolen?

    So the final result is a C++ like app which can't be decompiled nor available to get the code by memory dump? Thank you.
  5. JairoEog

    Remove class names from native EXE

    Badly i can't afford the cost of a Proffessional/Enterprise license, so i can't use the encrypt option. Anyways thanks for your reply, it cleared almost all my doubts.