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  1. geo

    Jar resource in jar

    Hi, I just import and use the classes in the lib jar just like any other class. No reflection or dynamic loading. When I un-jar the lib and place the classes in the myApp.jar it works just fine. I use JET 15 std. +NOLAUNCHPAD -GENSTACKTRACE+ -PACK=noncompiled -CLASSABSENCE=HANDLE -IGNOREMEMBERABSENCE+ -IGNORECLASSDUPLICATION+ -OUTPUTDIR=../dist -OUTPUTNAME=lc -SPLASH=../files/splash.jpg -jetvmprop=-Djet.jit -Djet.gc.heaplimit:0m -jetvmprop=-Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true -jetvmprop=-Djet.stack.trace -MAIN=advit/logicash/Logicash -LOOKUP=*.jar=../../ !module MyApp.jar
  2. geo

    Jar resource in jar

    Hello, I have a jar application which contains another jar library. The application launches fine with java -jar myApp.jar. But when i compile the jar with JET jar inside myApp.jar is not found and ClassnotfoundException is thrown. Any thoughts about this? BR, Geo
  3. geo

    Exe file size larger.

    Do you think it will grow even more with java 10? Or is it something particular with java 8?
  4. Hello, I'm using same build files and jar on different versions of JET 15-eval and JET 9 PRO. The JET 15 generated exe and DLL are about 10% larger than JET 9. According to change.log there is a improvement that suppose to reduce file size. What could be the cause? BR, Geo
  5. geo

    Startup time

    Hello, We have a POS application which runs mostly on slow ATOM processors. The applications is one exe and other jars compiled into DLLs. My question is if the size and amount of dependencies affect the startup time of the application? If thinking of using Dynamic Reports which has many jars and I worry about the startup time. BR, Hugo
  6. geo

    JET 9 mp2 crash windows 2008

    Hello, This computer is at customer site and I cannot perform a test run there. BR,
  7. Hello, I have a system that used to run fine with JET 4.5. Now compiled with JET9.0 mp2 and the program wont start with the following exception. I compiled again with JET 4.5 and it works. Is it a problem with windows server 2008? Same complitation works fine on XP, 7, 8 and 8.1. Regards, JET RUNTIME HAS DETECTED UNRECOVERABLE ERROR: system exception at 0x12c0dd9a Please, contact the vendor of the application. Exception 0xC0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 0x12c0dd9a (C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XKRN9005.dll+0xdd9a) Failed to write memory at 0x0041a4c8 PID 14436, TID 7220 Registers: EAX = 0x41A4C8 EBX = 0x409650 ECX = 0x41A4C8 EDX = 0x409650 ESI = 0x593990 EDI = 0x41A4C8 EBP = 0x593990 ESP = 0x10EF30 EIP = 0x12c0dd9a (C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XKRN9005.dll+0xdd9a) Stack: 0x0010ef30: 0x12c539b3 0x00000000 0x04af5a40 0x0003e448 0x0010ef40: 0x00409650 0x0041a4c8 0x04af5a40 0x00000000 0x0010ef50: 0x12c53930 0x00593990 0x00409650 0x00000000 0x0010ef60: 0x04af5a40 0x0041a4c8 0x176f5220 0x00000000 0x0010ef70: 0x0041a4c8 0x04af5a40 0x04af5a40 0x00593990 0x0010ef80: 0x0041a4c8 0x12c533f4 0x0041a4c8 0x00593990 0x0010ef90: 0x00000001 0x04af5a40 0x04af5a40 0x00000002 0x0010efa0: 0x12c5338c 0x04af5a40 0x00000001 0x04af5a40 0x0010efb0: 0x12c30169 0x04af5a40 0x136a5f20 0x070991d0 0x0010efc0: 0x04af5670 0x00000001 0x04af5998 0x04af5a40 0x0010efd0: 0x00000002 0x12c3024f 0x00000001 0x04af5a40 0x0010efe0: 0x136a5f20 0x07099101 0x008ca5ec 0x00000001 0x0010eff0: 0x008cae90 0x04af5998 0x00000001 0x12c3024f 0x0010f000: 0x00000001 0x04af5998 0x136a5f20 0x07098f01 0x0010f010: 0x008ca5ec 0x00000001 0x008cbb78 0x008cae90 0x0010f020: 0x00000003 0x12c3024f 0x00000001 0x008cae90 Version Information: Java version: 1.7.0_55 Excelsior JET 9.00 Professional edition JET Profile: Java SE version: 1.7.0_55; JET update level: 12; CPU architecture: x86 Runtime: Desktop Application was deployed Options and system properties: -Djet.jit= -Djet.gc.heaplimit=0m -Djet.stack.trace= Entry point type: exe/splash Command line: client.exe CLIENT foodport OS: Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 build 6002 Process Modules: 0x00400000 - 0x011e6000 C:\LogiCashClient\client.exe 0x775e0000 - 0x77708000 C:\Windows\system32\ntdll.dll 0x76040000 - 0x7611d000 C:\Windows\system32\kernel32.dll 0x76120000 - 0x761e6000 C:\Windows\system32\ADVAPI32.DLL 0x76270000 - 0x76332000 C:\Windows\system32\RPCRT4.dll 0x763c0000 - 0x7645d000 C:\Windows\system32\USER32.DLL 0x76510000 - 0x7655c000 C:\Windows\system32\GDI32.dll 0x72ca0000 - 0x72cb3000 C:\Windows\system32\tsappcmp.dll 0x76460000 - 0x7650a000 C:\Windows\system32\msvcrt.dll 0x77820000 - 0x7783e000 C:\Windows\system32\IMM32.DLL 0x76560000 - 0x76628000 C:\Windows\system32\MSCTF.dll 0x77710000 - 0x77719000 C:\Windows\system32\LPK.DLL 0x76340000 - 0x763bd000 C:\Windows\system32\USP10.dll 0x75af0000 - 0x75b2e000 C:\Program Files\Citrix\system32\mfaphook.dll 0x67f60000 - 0x67fce000 C:\Program Files\Citrix\system32\CtxSbxHook.DLL 0x75ab0000 - 0x75ac6000 C:\Program Files\Citrix\system32\mmhook.dll 0x75ad0000 - 0x75ad9000 C:\Program Files\Citrix\system32\tzhook.dll 0x75aa0000 - 0x75aa8000 C:\Program Files\Citrix\system32\Sfrhook.dll 0x75ae0000 - 0x75aea000 C:\Windows\system32\WTSAPI32.dll 0x759d0000 - 0x759f7000 C:\Program Files\Citrix\system32\scardhook.dll 0x757f0000 - 0x758d6000 C:\Program Files\Citrix\system32\twnhook.dll 0x75930000 - 0x759cb000 C:\Windows\WinSxS\x86_microsoft.vc80.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_8.0.50727.6195_none_d09154e044272b9a\MSVCR80.dll 0x75a20000 - 0x75a26000 C:\Program Files\Citrix\System32\cxinjime.dll 0x75a10000 - 0x75a17000 C:\Program Files\Citrix\system32\wdmaudhook.dll 0x61b60000 - 0x61ba8000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\bin\splashscreen.dll 0x12c00000 - 0x13f81000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XKRN9005.dll 0x76630000 - 0x77141000 C:\Windows\system32\SHELL32.DLL 0x77730000 - 0x77789000 C:\Windows\system32\SHLWAPI.dll 0x73db0000 - 0x73de2000 C:\Windows\system32\WINMM.DLL 0x77490000 - 0x775d5000 C:\Windows\system32\ole32.dll 0x77270000 - 0x772fd000 C:\Windows\system32\OLEAUT32.dll 0x73d70000 - 0x73dae000 C:\Windows\system32\OLEACC.dll 0x75c90000 - 0x75c97000 C:\Windows\system32\PSAPI.DLL 0x74c30000 - 0x74dce000 C:\Windows\WinSxS\x86_microsoft.windows.common-controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.6002.18305_none_5cb72f2a088b0ed3\comctl32.dll 0x02be0000 - 0x02d4e000 C:\LogiCashClient\log4j.dll 0x14400000 - 0x14d60000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XXML9005.dll 0x02d50000 - 0x02ee2000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XMNG9005.dll 0x15700000 - 0x16504000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XAWT9005.dll 0x02ef0000 - 0x032d5000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XMIS9005.dll 0x032e0000 - 0x03404000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XSND9005.dll 0x15200000 - 0x153d6000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XSEC9005.dll 0x14f00000 - 0x14f88000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XJCE9005.dll 0x15000000 - 0x15092000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XPKC9005.dll 0x12860000 - 0x12889000 C:\LogiCashClient\hotsax.dll 0x03550000 - 0x037ea000 C:\LogiCashClient\jdbc.dll 0x037f0000 - 0x03e13000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XCRB9005.dll 0x14200000 - 0x142a3000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XSQL9005.dll 0x15400000 - 0x154c9000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XSSE9005.dll 0x14100000 - 0x1414c000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XRMI9005.dll 0x12bb0000 - 0x12bff000 C:\LogiCashClient\calendar.dll 0x16c00000 - 0x16e61000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XSWN9005.dll 0x16f00000 - 0x1723d000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XXXL9005.dll 0x048d0000 - 0x04ad7000 C:\LogiCashClient\pdfrenderer.dll 0x04ae0000 - 0x04c7e000 C:\LogiCashClient\nrjavaserial.dll 0x17500000 - 0x17691000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XMIA9005.dll 0x04c80000 - 0x051a8000 C:\LogiCashClient\itext.dll 0x051b0000 - 0x05272000 C:\LogiCashClient\ssh2.dll 0x05280000 - 0x0531f000 C:\LogiCashClient\barcode.dll 0x03e20000 - 0x03f67000 C:\LogiCashClient\mail.dll 0x05720000 - 0x05df2000 C:\LogiCashClient\dx.dll 0x04600000 - 0x04756000 C:\LogiCashClient\http.dll 0x66700000 - 0x6673e000 C:\Windows\system32\pdh.dll 0x74b40000 - 0x74b61000 C:\Windows\system32\NTMARTA.DLL 0x75ff0000 - 0x76039000 C:\Windows\system32\WLDAP32.dll 0x75cd0000 - 0x75cfd000 C:\Windows\system32\WS2_32.dll 0x77720000 - 0x77726000 C:\Windows\system32\NSI.dll 0x754b0000 - 0x754c1000 C:\Windows\system32\SAMLIB.dll 0x66c00000 - 0x66c09000 C:\Windows\system32\perfos.dll 0x75b30000 - 0x75b44000 C:\Windows\system32\Secur32.dll 0x77cd0000 - 0x77d8e000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\bin\msvcr100.dll 0x50b10000 - 0x50b16000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\bin\jetvm\jvm.dll 0x048a0000 - 0x048b4000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\bin\java.dll 0x4f1f0000 - 0x4f204000 C:\LogiCashClient\rt\bin\zip.dll JET-compiled Components: C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XKRN9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XXML9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XMNG9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XMIS9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XSND9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XAWT9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XJCE9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XPKC9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XSEC9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\log4j.dll dll, version info: jet-900-mp2 (pro, en) C:\LogiCashClient\hotsax.dll dll, version info: jet-900-mp2 (pro, en) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XSQL9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XSSE9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XRMI9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XCRB9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\jdbc.dll dll, version info: jet-900-mp2 (pro, en) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XSWN9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\calendar.dll dll, version info: jet-900-mp2 (pro, en) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XXXL9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\pdfrenderer.dll dll, version info: jet-900-mp2 (pro, en) C:\LogiCashClient\nrjavaserial.dll dll, version info: jet-900-mp2 (pro, en) C:\LogiCashClient\rt\jetrt\XMIA9005.dll dll, version info: work installation, jet-900-mp2 (Sat May 17 05:54:41 NOVST 2014) C:\LogiCashClient\itext.dll dll, version info: jet-900-mp2 (pro, en) C:\LogiCashClient\ssh2.dll dll, version info: jet-900-mp2 (pro, en) C:\LogiCashClient\barcode.dll dll, version info: jet-900-mp2 (pro, en) C:\LogiCashClient\mail.dll dll, version info: jet-900-mp2 (pro, en) C:\LogiCashClient\dx.dll dll, version info: jet-900-mp2 (pro, en) C:\LogiCashClient\http.dll dll, version info: jet-900-mp2 (pro, en) C:\LogiCashClient\client.exe exe, version info: jet-900-mp2 (pro, en) Java Stack Trace: not available
  8. Hello, Is this problem fixed in MP 2? Br,
  9. geo


    I cant use that same .prj files for 7.6 Could it be that dependency is created because class files exist in sym and bod folders? I have this in the .prj file -OUTPUTNAME=client -LOOKUP=*.sym=./sym_$(outputname) -LOOKUP=*.bod=./bod_$(outputname) -LOOKUP=*.obj=./obj_$(outputname) Thanks,
  10. geo


  11. geo


    I have a strange issue with dependency in JetpackII I get a "Refresh warning" Dialog saying "DLL UPDATER.EXE is not found in this project (imported by c:\projekt\client.exe) 1. UPDATER.EXE is obviously not a DLL 2. I did not intend to "import" UPDATER.EXE and dont want it in the project How is this strange dependency created and where? How can i remove it? I dont have anything in the client.prj (creates a client.exe from a client.jar) that point to UPDATER.EXE Thanks,
  12. geo

    JETPACKII on win7

    Hello, I'm still using JET version 4.5 and planning to upgrade but im still stuck with 4.5 for a while. On windows 7 JET 4.5 works fine except JETPACKII. Do somebody know a workaround for using JETPACKII 4.5 on Windows 7? Thanks,
  13. geo

    two version

    I think I figured it out. This is what i did: 1. Install both version. This will place PATH to both installation paths. 2. Remove PATH to both versions in environment variables 3. In the build file i put path to the version i want to use. Do you see any problem with this approach? Thanks,
  14. geo

    two version

    Hello, I would like to have two versions of JET on my system. 4.5 and the latest version. Command JC seems to work fine without to have to make a full install and only reference to the jc.exe binary. But its not possible to execute xpack without a full install. Is there a workaround for that? Thanks,
  15. geo

    Upgrade from 4.5

    Hello, I have a big POS application with which I use JET 4.5 and I'm considering to upgrade to the latest version. The problem is that I have the application on more than 200 locations. Each installation has several compiled DLL's and a .exe launcher file. Also the full rt folder with JET runtime. I have the possibility to let the application to download any file from my server and execute something to do the upgrade. Can you assist with a strategy to upgrade? Thanks