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  1. A little more info, I downloaded Delivery and tried building fast/low compression and got the same result. I have a feeling this has something to do with the total package size. Ideas to fix, short of reducing the package size?
  2. I've tried building with both high and medium compression in 2.2, and I have verify turned off. When I run the setup.exe file that Installer creates I get this: I've been using Excelsior 2.2 for years and have never had any problems before. The only possible difference is that this package is much larger that prior ones, 2.5GB rather than a prior high of maybe 1.7GB. I like Excelsior Installer for its simplicity but I do need this fixed right away since this is supposed to be a rush job for my client. If you have another for cost product that can read Installer files and produce the result successfully, I'd be fine with that solution. Thanks for your help, Eric Ruck