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    Using Excelsior JET on Linux with LDAP

    Yes, it is a 64 bit version of CentOS I only had the 64 bit version of this library installed. I installed the 32 bit version and it is working now! I had compiled this program on a 32 bit machine and it still worked correctly on the 64 bit machine. However, installing the 32bit version of libnss_ldap.so.2 appears to have fixed it. I can now run jetcp, and a program compiled with JET on this box. Thank you very much for the help!
  2. ahadaller

    Using Excelsior JET on Linux with LDAP

    This runs correctly and gives me my correct user name, uid, full name, home directory, etc. Same with this, I get the correct user name, uid, and home directory
  3. ahadaller

    Using Excelsior JET on Linux with LDAP

    the contents of my nsswitch.conf is: passwd: files ldap shadow: files ldap group: files ldap hosts: files dns bootparams: nisplus [NOTFOUND=return] files ethers: files netmasks: files networks: files protocols: files rpc: files services: files netgroup: files ldap publickey: nisplus automount: files ldap aliases: files nisplus
  4. ahadaller

    Using Excelsior JET on Linux with LDAP

    I installed the "Maintenance Pack 5 only" and the message is now slightly different, but it still does not work I now get: Unable to get user info (uid = XXXX): Success It still works properly as a local user on this box. I only get this error message when trying to run jetcp, or an application compiled with JET when I am a user that authenticates through LDAP (i.e. not a local user) However, jetsetup runs and produces output as the ldap user. The following profiles were found by JET Setup: 0: profile1.6.0_27 Profile status: Ready Java SE: 1.6.0_27
  5. ahadaller

    Using Excelsior JET on Linux with LDAP

    No, the application runs without problems using the Oracle JRE
  6. When I try to run JET on a linux machine where the user authenticates through LDAP I get the following message: Unable to get user info (uid = XXXX): -143736914 If I try to run JET with a local user account on the same machine, everything works correctly. This happens both when trying to start the control panel, or when trying to run an application compiled with JET. I am running CentOS release 6.3 (Final) and using JET v7.6 STD edition. Please help