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  1. Hello, What is the best scenario to upgrade a Java SE desktop application with a database? Database install / upgrade may include following steps (not all every time and not necessarily in here listed order) - check availability of tcp/ip port, change configuration files if needed - export data - import data - install rdbms - run SQL scripts: create/drop database, create/drop user, create/drop tables, views, procedures, alter tables,... I would like to use jetpack as much as possible but is it possible / reasonable to try to do all things with jetpack? Is it possible to divide jetpack installation into pieces: DB installation / upgrade, application installation / upgrade? Can jetpack launch external programs, wait its termination and continue depending on the return value of the launched external programs? Thank you for your support.
  2. Hello all, Excelsior Jet and / or jetpack create several different files in addition to .exe files: .jpu, .jpn, .script, .bat, .prj, .usg, .startup ... and at least one directory _jetpdb with files .rsp, .zip, .efs, .res, .rc, .clnums, .li, .env What files and directories should be under version control? What files and directories can be deleted i.e. are generated again from other files during next Excelsior Jet and / or jetpack run? Thank you for your support.